Group Sessions Are So Much Fun

For the best experience of Aerobic Table Tennis, it is best to try and have large groups. A large group creates more high energy and is guaranteed to give you a great workout.

Bounce to the Beat

Have fun keeping fit with this innovative fitness workout Play strokes to the beat with motivating music No Table Tennis Experience Required although you will be introduced to the great game of table tennis.

Craig Bryant Top Edge Table Tennis

Craig Bryant offers a coaching service. His company is Top Edge Table Tennis. Craig is a specialist server, we recommend you hire Craig to visit your club to teach your members about serving , especially placement and spin. See Craig’s background on the post here.

Aerobic TT A Hit @ OPLS2018

21 September Steve attended the Ontario Physical Literacy Summit in Hamilton, Ontario. At the Redeemer University College. The event was to highlight the importance of physical literacy for children and also moving into adulthood. 17 PE teachers took part in the...

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