We are excited to announce that Aerobic TT is introducing a physical literacy programme for schools.

Its crucial we teach children the importance of keeping fit and healthy. The Aerobic TT programme supports physical literacy and we are happy to offer this great activity to schools.

The sessions are fun and exciting, the kids will have fun keeping fit and will be introduced to the Olympic sport of table tennis.

The aim of Aerobic TT is to first and foremost help kids to keep fit and secondly introduce them to table tennis, with the outcome being the kids will make table tennis a sport for life.

We will run teacher training workshops in order to help teachers deliver fun and exciting PE sessions.

We believe that as children increase their physical literacy through Aerobic TT they set the foundation for a lifetime of physical activity including the sport of table tennis.

Huge thanks to Thorsten Gohl for the images.

Please come back soon for updates on our new programme. You can also use the contact form below.

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