We are pleased to announce, Steve will attend the World Table Tennis Championships, in Halmstad Sweden.

Since 2011 Aerobic TT has been promoted in many countries, and has now been recognised as a great fitness programme to introduce newcomers to the sport of table tennis.

The organisers of the world championships have invited Steve to use Aerobic TT, to get kids excited about the championships.

Steve will visit schools for a 2 week period, delivering to hundreds of children.

Sessions will also take place each day at the city centre of Halmstad.

Steve said “It’s amazing to think that a concept that started in Wigan, a northern town in England, is now going to be part of such a major competition. I remember starting this concept in 2011, by doing table tennis moves to music in my living room. Even at that early stage I had dreams that maybe one day Aerobic Table Tennis would be used at a World Championships.”

Many months of planning have taken place,

“ We are happy to engage Steve Rowe and his joyful Aerobic Table Tennis; this will help us promote the World Championships in Halmstad as well as increase interest for the sport itself and the fun of moving, bouncing and using your entire body to music. Steve will do about 20 sessions in schools, at libraries and at our main square in the city centre.” Carina Jakobsson

The sessions will be organised in liaison with Ping Pong Power.

“We have worked hard trying to implement the thought that table tennis as a sport for everyone with its fantastic health benefits. Our project “Ping Pong Power” that we have conducted together with our partner Butterfly and the Swedish Table Tennis Association is a proof of that and has been a very successful one. When Steve Rowe and Aerobic Table Tennis joins our team, it’s really just a perfectly natural extension of the Ping Pong Power project. We are very excited and fully convinced that it will be a huge success among the schools here in Halmstad as well as in the playing venue during the Liebherr Team Championships.” Thomas Buza

Huge thanks to Butterfly, for continued support.