Now that i have my breath back, i wanted to talk about my experience at the World Table Tennis Championships, Halmstad, Sweden.

When i was aksed to be part of this amazing event by the organisers, i was of course very excited for Aerobic TT to be part of such a huge event. In fact, the biggest TT event of the year.

I had NO idea how successful Aerobic TT would be in Halmstad, Sweden. Although i did have a pretty good idea 😉

In the 2 weeks, over one thousand kids and adults, yes one thousand, took part in the Aerobic TT sessions.

I visited many schools doing back to back PE lessons and the kids and teachers loved Aerobic TT.

Teachers commenting that it’s one of the most innovative fitness programmes they have ever seen.

I mean how many fitness programmes have the added benefit of also teaching you about an Olympic sport, table tennis ?

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I absolutely love seeing the kids smiling and enjoying Aerobic TT. For me that is what it’s all about, have fun, keep fit and learn table tennis.

It was of course very challenging for me, running 5 to 7 sessions a day, but hey you do what you gotta do.

Aerobic TT has certainly left a mark in Halmstad, and i do know that some of the schools will continue to run sessions, which is just great.

The media gave me great coverage, in fact the newspaper came to one of the sessions, and the day after Aerobic TT made the front page and also a double page spread inside. How cool 🙂

Also, someone gave me a very popular magazine in Halmstad, and Aerobic TT was also featured as a double page spread, thanks to Wisanu Wattayawong.


The final day i did a session in the main square city centre, what a session, literally the whole square was bouncing, i would say easily 300 people laughing and loving Aerobic TT 🙂 incredible.

I would personally like to thank Thomas Buza, Carina Jakobsson for believing in Aerobic TT and Camilla Axelsson for being my driver and organiser for the 2 week. Thanks so so much.

The next TT World Championships is in Hungary. Maybe Aerobic TT will be present there too ? watch this space 🙂

See the video below from Halmstad, of a session where 100 kids joined in all at the same time 🙂 thanks to Daniel Borjesson for producing this great video.

Steve R.