Steve is currently in Canada working in partnership with Table Tennis Canada.

Aerobic Table Tennis will be a major part of grass roots development in Canada.

The idea is to work with provinces and territories throughout Canada, to help increase table tennis participation.

Working with clubs is also key to the success of the grass roots programme, slowly but surely Aerobic Table Tennis will be offered to clubs registered with Table Tennis Canada.

Steve said ” i am very excited to be working in Canada and helping towards increasing table tennis participation. Using Aerobic Table Tennis in this way is the perfect formula to help clubs increase their members and increase overall participation in all provinces ”

Aerobic TT instructor workshops will also be offered, along with teacher training.

Steve will also work with organisations to include Aerobic TT as part of Physical Literacy programmes.

There is much work to do, and this will take a lot of planning and coordination.

Meetings are currently taking place to move the programme forward.

Onwards and upwards.