Getting Started

1. First register interest.

Register to the project. Receive the newsletter with all the latest information.

2 Become an authorised Aerobic Table Tennis provider.

Purchase the Aerobic Table Tennis licence buy adderall. The cost of the licence to become an Aerobic Table Tennis provider is £50. Once you become an Aerobic Table Tennis provider, you will gain access to resource material, games, video instructions and marketing material. You will gain use of the Aerobic Table Tennis copyrighted logo, in order to personalise your own promotional material. The resources will assist you in making your modafinil without prescription Aerobic Table Tennis sessions a success. This licence will need to be renewed annually amoxicillin without prescription.

Click Buy Now to purchase the licence.

3. Attend a training course.

It is recommended you attend a training course in order to learn the correct delivery for the sessions.

Courses will be run throughout the UK and Internationally.

A training course lasts for 6 hours. You will learn how to run an Aerobic Table Tennis from start to finish.

At the end of the training course you should be competent at delivering a full Aerobic Table Tennis session.

Training courses will be listed on the website soon.