This page is for the people within table tennis, that endorse our project.

Iulia Necula, International Player For Romania. Represented her country in the 2008 Olympics

Iulia said, “As an international table tennis player myself,I think this is a great idea supporting women in playing table tennis. A beautiful sport but also a good way to stay in shape. It’s not only a way to relax after spending so many hours sited at the office or at school but also can improve your physical and psychological condition!! i think is very important to encourage all people to enjoy the benefits of table tennis as leisure.
Keep up with the good work!!

Kelly Sibley Team GB England Women’s Number 2

Kelly said, ”this is a great way to have fun and keep fit and to play a bit of table tennis. you can go along with your friends and also meet new people and make some new friends. This is a great opportunity for young girls and women to get involvedand to help improve the number of females playing the game”

Kelly Sibley

Liam Pitchford England Men’s Number 1

Liam said “I think aerobic table tennis is a great idea, its not only a great way to keep your body fit and healthy but also to keep your mind healthy aswell! it is also sending out a message for more women to take up table tennis and is doing a great job in promoting our sport!

Liam Pitchford

Hannah Hicks, England Women’s Number 3

Hannah said, “I highly recommend all women take part in these Aerobic Table Tennis sessions. They are incredibly benificial as they keep you fit and toned which every women only dreams of! But it also gives you all the knowledge you need to become a high level table tennis player! What more could you ask for?”

Hannah Hicks

Sarah Her-Lee said, “Looking for something that is good for the mind and body? Want to have fun? Have a good work out? Make friends? Look and feel good? Aerobic Table Tennis have it all! The sessions include yoga and table tennis to help you burn caleroies. Having played table tennis for 12 years, I can guarantee that table tennis helps you to stay super-fit and tones your body with specific table tennis exercises. It can also challenge your mind – the spin of the ball is what makes table tennis unique! Ask the coach about how “spin” works in table tennis, and try a few exercises!”

Sarah Her-Lee – 2011 New Zealand number 4 and currently playing full time in Germany
(Click here for Sarah’s Blog to read about her experiences in Europe) www.sarahherlee.com

Sarah Her-Lee

Donald Parker, ex England table tennis team head coach. Currently, Sports Director Commonwealth Games.

Don said ‘I think that combining the physical and psychological benefits of Yoga and Table Tennis in a female friendly environment is a brilliant idea and guarantees all participants a very enjoyable and beneficial session.’

Don Parker

William Henzell Australia Men’s Number 1

William said, “When I first saw the concept I thought ‘What a great initiative. Aerobic table tennis has really thought about making table tennis more fun for girls.’ Girls have usually had to play table tennis on boys’ terms with less focus on social interaction and group activities. This is a great step in the right direction for attracting more girls so keep up the good work.”

William Henzell

William has his own excellent coaching company called ttEDGE, check out his website by clicking the link on the right.

Kim Gilbert Olympic Festival Gold Medalist

Kim said ” Aerobic Table Tennis has hit the nail on the head on how to build a healthy body and mind! I can’t think of a better way to have such a wide variety of people doing something together both socially and physically with so many other benefits. While you’re having fun you will also be toning your muscles, improving your stamina, increasing your blood and cerebral flow, improving your balance and coordination skills, creating better flexibility, and learning a new sport from its’ masters. The best part is that at the end of a session, you have somehow had the most cardiovascular workout imaginable, without even knowing it…and maybe even made a new friend! I highly recommend this activity for ANYONE!!

Kim Gilbert www.kimgilbert.com

Carmencita Alexandrescu. Coach, player and umpire.

Carmencita said ” As a Table Tennis coach, player and umpire for many years I recommend the sport of Table Tennis to people of all ages around the world. Table Tennis can have a big positive impact in your life including your body and mind. Aerobic Table Tennis , a calorie burning workout benefits every part of the body including your mind, it can also help you look and feel better , helps people lose weight and lowers risks of certain disease. The most interesting part it can help a person age well. With the right amount of exercise you will raise your energy level which will improve your daily mood. Aerobic, Strength , and Flexibility training can be a well balanced exercise routine for kids, men, and women of all ages.
Be a part of Aerobic Table Tennis, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START! ”

Carmencita Alexandrescu. Click here to see a profile and interview of Carmencita.

Adam Bobrow

Adam said, ” I completely agree that it’s important to get more girls/women involved in table tennis and to appeal to people on the level of health and aerobics is excellent. I am sure many people will join Aerobic Table Tennis and get super excited about table tennis and be thrilled with one, how healthy they are and two, how much fun they’re having. For anyone joining and for the sport… this is a win/win situation!

Adam Bobrow