Training & Workshops


Steve Rowe is available for school and club visits.

For a fee Steve will attend your school or club and deliver a training workshop. This will enable you to run Aerobic Table Tennis, and increase female members.

If you would like Steve to visit your school or club, please contact Steve by email

Attending the Aerobic Table Tennis workshops you will experience:

A variety of activities for warm-up, cardio, cool down and cardio blasts.   Hands on practice on delivering your own Aerobic Table Tennis session, which includes Step Step Shot, forehand twist, backhand twist, forehand push, backhand push.

After Aerobic Table Tennis training you will be effective at:
Delivering a safe and healthy workout. Marketing and promoting your program for optimal success. Providing the ideal workout for each person based upon their fitness and ability level. Playing games in a Aerobic Table Tennis session

After Aerobic Table Tennis training you will understand:
The importance of increasing female participation in table tennis. The purpose and benefits of Aerobic Table Tennis . The importance of drill based and play based exercises. How to deal with mixed ability levels

At Aerobic Table Tennis training you will receive:
Educational power point documents . Aerobic Table Tennis session plans, including other educational material .
Once you have completed the Aerobic Table Tennis workshop:
You will be a Licensed Aerobic Table Tennis provider, enabling you to run Aerobic Table Tennis sessions.
You will receive a certificate. A licence to use the copyright logo for advertising purposes. Printed session plans. Marketing material. Continued support.


In 2013 any person providing Aerobic Table Tennis is required to attend a workshop, in order to become a licensed Aerobic Table Tennis provider.

If you are based in the UK, you will need to meet the specific requirements for running the sessions.

On completion of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate and a licence. Certificates and licences will not be issued until participants can provide an up to date CRB.

There will be an annual re licensing fee.

If you are based outside the UK and require more information, please contact

All Aerobic Table Tennis training, workshops and presentations are conducted by members of the Aerobic Table Tennis Team. Training from anyone else is not authorised by Aerobic Table Tennis.