The Benefits

Aerobic Table Tennis is a high energy fitness workout experience that combines the sport of table tennis with the benefit of burning calories.

The sessions are exciting and fun, not only do you burn calories and keep fit, you will be introduced to the great sport of Table Tennis.

No table tennis experience is necessary, the sessions are for all abilities including complete beginners. The sessions are very social and you will meet new friends.

Table tennis is an aerobic sport, all exercises will be table tennis specific.

Exercises will be both on and off the table tennis tables.

So come along and join us at an Aerobic Table Tennis Class, you never know you might just love the game of table tennis.

One thing is certain, you will have fun, keep fit, and burn calories.

Music is played throughout the session to help get you into an high energy zone.

1. Helping Towards Weight Loss
Aerobic Table Tennis is able to burn an incredible amount of calories in a very short time. Beginners can burn about 200-250 calories an hour, but more advanced athletes can burn between 400-600 calories in one single hour of Aerobic Table Tennis.

2. Developing and Improving Motor Skills and Balance
Aerobic Table Tennis is an excellent form of physical activity if you want to be sure that your kid’s motor skills are developing at the right pace, and it is beneficial for adults and older people who are looking for ways to improve fitness, coordination and balance.

3. Strengthening the Muscles
Aerobic Table Tennis works all the core muscles of the body, strengthening them quickly:
• You need to do a lot of aerobic exercises, which works your back and abdomen;
• You will do lateral twists, which will train your abdominal side muscles;
• You will hit the ball with a bat, which will strengthen your arms and shoulders;
• You will run around the table for the ball, which will strengthen you legs and train your joints.

4. Improving the Cardiovascular System and Beneficial for Your Organs
Aerobic Table Tennis is a cardiovascular activity with great beneficial effects not only for the joints and muscles, but also over the internal organs:
• Swift movements will make you breathe quickly, which improves lung efficiency and capacity;
• It raises the heart rate of the player, thus strengthening the heart;
• As an aerobic activity, it helps rejuvenate the blood vessels by oxygenizing the body and it facilitates the improved oxygenation of the brain as well, by pumping more fresh blood into it.

5. High Intensity Physical Activity with a Very Low Risk of Getting Injured.
Aerobic Table Tennis can be performed slowly or more intensely – it is completely up to the athlete. It is a low-impact form of exercise, which means that it involves the lowest possible risk of injuries, making it very suitable for both children and adults.

As a physical activity, Aerobic Table Tennis is one of the most beneficial fitness programmes for improving mental and physical condition alike. Everybody can benefit from Aerobic Table Tennis, which makes it an activity that increases your health and well-being. So what are you waiting for ?