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About Steve Rowe

Steve is a table tennis coach from the UK. The North of England, to be exact. 


Steve has been involved in table tennis for 45 years, as a player and a coach.


In 2011, Steve founded the worldwide fitness programme called Aerobic Table Tennis. A programme designed to introduce newcomers to the sport of table tennis. 


The sessions are fun and exciting, designed to make sure all participants have fun learning the Olympic sport of table tennis. 


During the last 10 years, Steve, has travelled to many countries, delivering fun and exciting Aerobic TT sessions, to both choldren and adults. In fact, Aerobic TT has engaged over one hundred thousand children, in th esport of table tennis.


The associations Steve has worked with include Wales TT, Scotland Table Tennis Association, Table Tennis Ulster, Table Tennis Canada, Sweden Table Tennis Association and Portugal TT Association.


Working with the Portugal TT Association, Steve attended the European Team Championships, in Lisbon, Portugal. Here, Aerobic TT was performed in the main arena before both the women's and men's finals. It was a huge success.


Working with the Sweden TT Association, Steve attended the World Team Championships in Halmstad, Sweden. Engaging hundreds of children.


Steve is very easy going and is known for always having a smile. If you are interested to have Steve visit your TT association, school, club or workplace, contact Steve by email