Over the last few years Steve has visited many different countries delivering Aerobic Table Tennis.

During his travels he has spoken to many people about the link between table tennis and people living with dementia.

One thing about both table tennis and dementia, it is a universal thing. Nearly all countries play table tennis and all countries have people living with dementia.

Table tennis has numerous, targeted and beneficial physical effects for those living with dementia, including: increased cereal blood flow, better co-ordination and improved balance, which ultimately builds self-confidence and reduces falls.

Playing table tennis can have many benefits from hand-eye-coordination, dexterity, fine motor skills, to upper body strength and balance, and it is a social activity which is key for well-being and happiness.

Steve said ” i am so looking forward to starting the sessions and helping people that are living with dementia. To use a sport that i love in this way, to actually help people improve their health and well-being makes me very happy indeed. I like to call the sessions Table Tennis Therapy.

Below is a short clip from the new video Table Tennis Therapy. The video will cover all the information about why table tennis is good for people living with dementia.

Steve is putting together a table tennis therapy programme, and will work with his table tennis club Wigan Table Tennis Club.

To make sure the sessions run smoothly Steve will be attending meetings with local dementia organisations, to discuss all possible needs during the sessions.

The sessions will then be tailored to suit all people living with dementia.

Steve will also work closely with the local dementia friendly groups, and the Wigan Council.

More information soon.