At the age of 15 Steve started to play the game of table tennis. A little late some people would say, we agree.

He played at his local youth club in his home town of Wigan. Comet Youth Club.

Steve said ” In those days it was not easy to find someone to teach you how to play, it was almost impossible to find a table tennis coach. So i had to teach myself ”

Table tennis is a fantastic sport for more reasons than one, not only is it fast and furious, it’s fun, exciting and it also becomes a sport for life.

Steve commented ” I do believe that if you get involved with table tennis as a youngster, chances are you will still be playing the game even in your golden years.

Table tennis is very infectious, once you start you can’t stop. It’s just a natural thing that happens.

One of the benefits of table tennis is, it can also be a social event so you will meet new friends.

Over the years Steve has met and become friends with hundreds of people, all through the game of table tennis.

It came as no surprise that Steve would dedicate is whole life to table tennis, as a coach and also launching Aerobic Table Tennis around the world.

Does table tennis help children that play other sports ? Steve says ” absolutely table tennis compliments many other sports, sports like football, rugby, basketball and netball to name a few ”

Table tennis is a fast paced game, where you need to have fast footwork with sidestepping movements to get into position to retrieve the ball, playing table tennis will certainly help all of the other mentioned sports ”

It’s never too late to start playing the game of table tennis, so go search out your local table tennis club and become part of the worldwide table tennis family. You certainly won’t regret it, promise.