Steve is the founder of Aerobic Table Tennis.

Having been involved in table tennis for 45 years, Steve was looking for a new way to introduce newcomers, especially children to the sport of table tennis.

In 2011 Steve, had the idea of Aerobic Table Tennis, a fitness programme that uses table tennis movement to music.

The sessions are fun and exciting. 

Steve delivers in a way that engages everyone, the main key is having fun. 

Fast forward to 2023, over one hundred thousand children have taken part in Aerobic TT, around the world. 

Not just table tennis, Steve is able to deliver multi sports sessions of all kinds, transferring his table tennis experience to any sport. 

Steve’s sessions are always fun, as he delivers with a smile on his face and that is infectious.

If you want children to have fun keeping fit, you should invite Steve to your club, school or fitness centre.